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About Us

As the boundaries merge and world turns into a global village the thin line between art, design & fashion seems to be merging as well. The furniture today cannot be categorized in terms of its origin but in the context of time. We live in an emotional super market where people want to indulge..in the very best and pamper themselves with products and give them a new way of living.

The Modular Furniture Industry is always changing-evolving. Technology changes. Business structures and demands change. Workplace demographics change. Work styles change. Furniture must be designed to respond to all of these changes. Design Based Modular Furniture has emerged as an important need in recent years in India. There are several trends percolating in the industry, including the move towards smaller, lighter looking, open and most importantly ergonomic workstations driven by higher real estate costs, and the recent Proliferation of lower-cost yet fully featured products by the manufacturers.

At ETHOS, we are convinced that effective space design will address enterprise identity, and influence staff motivation, performance and health. We strongly believe that a favorable working environment increases the efficiency and productivity. Selecting the right office furniture has never been more important, and quality and service are paramount and form the philosophy that has been at the forefront of the Company since its foundation. Whatever your needs maybe our experienced staff are always happy to help you.

Our endeavor is to cater to the functional design requirements of modern offices and homes. We offer under the ETHOS brand, furniture, which is perfect blend of aesthetics and ergonomics.

We do designs for the needs of the user and we contribute to create a healthy labor environment.